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Customized Solutions

Transform industry data into a powerful database, merging national and state level chemical, completion, and production data to present you with the most complete view of your industry activity available.

O&G Regulatory & County Records
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Wells Across Three States
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Attributes within 17 Dataset
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Availability within Product
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Quickly search, map, and pivot data based on any attribute from the most obvious to the most subtle

Discover high-level trends and outliers

across frac jobs from all over the United States.

Leverage data from multiple sources

(, state agencies, etc.) in one easy-to-use, searchable and mappable interface or access the data directly via an API.

Save time by working with data that has been cleaned and normalized for you.

For example:

65,000 distinct operator names have been standardized to ~1,300 operator names.

1MM+ supplier names have been standardized to ~2,250 supplier names.

2,137,000+ ingredient names have been standardized to ​​​​​​~4,070 ingredient names.

Answer questions

like who is supplying what chemical to which operator in which region and how has this changed over time.

how it works


Determine Open Acreage.

1-3 lines explaining how customers can easily rule out acreage already HBP or locked.


Perform A&D Due Diligence .

1-3 lines explaining selling companies can collect information to support buyer’s analysis involved in the divestiture of oil and gas.


Gather Activity Intelligence.

1-3 lines explaining atla helps companies identify the earliest signs of new drilling and re-completion activities for E&Ps, service companies, and mineral owners looking to monitor competition, track drilling, and predict new opportunities.