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completeness meets data quality.

Our data is designed to help you get your job done. From millions of unstructured documents buried deep in state agencies and county courthouses, we have meticulously curated and made available valuable information that can be searched, analyzed, mined, and mapped at will.

curated for a purpose.

  • Completeness is 7,000,000 (and growing) O&G regulatory and county records processed and made available in our datasets.
  • Relevance is 800+ attributes across 17 datasets in three states—including the hottest plays in the country. We extract and deliver the most relevant attributes for every use case in the oil and gas industry, including important information maybe you didn’t even know existed (such as AFE costs, wellbore configurations, unit sizes, protested applications, linked exhibits, multi-unit spacings, EUR details, formations, and vacated formations).
  • Quality is a rigorous process every document goes through to ensure accuracy and relevance before we make it available to our end users. 
  • Transparency is communication and trust. While we do everything (both humanly and non-humanly) possible to structure and normalize the data we receive, we know that not all data is perfect. In these cases, because trust is one of our core values, we strive to be transparent about our confidence level in the quality of these data sets.
curated for a purpose

client success is our lifeblood.

We never use call centers. Instead, your Oseberg Client Success Manager (CSM) is always available via phone, email, or an in-person visit. We believe in the power of technology, but we also know nothing replaces human connection. That’s why we offer the best of both worlds.

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