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in this industry, data currency is king.

You’re either the first to know, or you’re out of luck. At Oseberg, we strive to collect, standardize, and publish data as quickly as it's publicly available. We'll let you know what phase of data curation our content has passed through, but we won't hold anything back.

timely data. timely decisions.

  • We combine the best of human and machine data extraction to transform latent information hidden in unstructured form to searchable, usable, and exportable data that can be used for alerting, analysis, and mapping. 
  • You get access to this data faster than you could ever read through those same source documents to find what you're looking for.
  • To ensure data currency, we strive to collect, categorize, and publish data within 24 hours of its filing.
  • We deliver our data via a suite of revolutionary SaaS products, including Web Services, making it as easy as possible for you to access, visualize, and integrate our data as quickly as possible however you choose to consume it.
timely data. timely decisions.

client success is our lifeblood.

We never use call centers. Instead, your Oseberg Client Success Manager (CSM) is always available via phone, email, or an in-person visit. We believe in the power of technology, but we also know nothing replaces human connection. That’s why we offer the best of both worlds.

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