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We are focused on creating a results-only work environment that gives you the flexibility you need to work where you’d like, as long as you deliver on your duties.

This means you could take the afternoon to work from home or a coffee shop, as long as your team knows where you are and you’re delivering results.

okc headquarters

okc headquarters

Oseberg’s main office is located right in the heart of Oklahoma City, at Waterford Office Buildings. Home to the Thunder Basketball team, Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable places to live, and home to some of the state's most innovative companies. We are within a few miles of the Oklahoma Zoological park and Botanical gardens, Bricktown, and some of the state's top breweries.
With it's spacious floor plan, standing desks, and proximity to many great Happy Hours, Oseberg's office provides the perfect setting to both work and have fun. 
work from home

work from home

At Oseberg, we strive to recruit only the best, and we recognize that this sometimes may involve recruiting individuals from outside of Oklahoma City. Therefore, we offer remote working opportunities and use a suite of software that makes remote collaboration effortless.
Oseberg's remote policy is a direct fallout of her values. We don't value being in a chair in a given location from 8-5 every day of the week. We value results and trust and autonomy. And we value people with unconventional and interesting backgrounds who think and live differently.

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