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Leveraging Data for Mineral Buying Decisions in Oklahoma – Atla

In this video, Evan Anderson from Oseberg provides valuable insights into leveraging data for mineral buying decisions in Oklahoma. Evan strongly emphasizes maximizing ROI and identifies areas with low-risk development potential. He utilizes public data sources to inform his decision-making process.
Evan proceeds to analyze the activities of Mewbourne in Roger Mills and Alice County, Oklahoma, with a particular focus on the Cherokee formation. He highlights Oseberg’s unique approach, which involves extracting detailed information from regulatory filings.
Evan delves into the data related to Mewbourne’s activities, presenting graphs illustrating spacing and pooling trends across specific counties. He explains his strategy, which draws inspiration from momentum trading principles, with the aim of being a second mover rather than a first.
The video further dissects township-level activity, with Evan identifying specific townships for closer examination. He expresses reservations about a particular township (18N 24W) due to its history of high activity dating back two years.
Evan utilizes Oseberg’s mapping tool, Atla, to analyze historical spacing data to gain insights into future trends. He focuses on areas where the Cherokee formation has historically been prospective, identifying trends that suggest potential future activity.
Evan also introduces the concept of interim spacing orders, explaining their significance in predicting future drilling activity. He emphasizes the importance of analyzing permit activity alongside interim orders.