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Overriding Royalty Interests in New Mexico with Complex Queries: Full Text Search

In this video, Evan Anderson introduces the Full Text Search platform that facilitates efficient searches through regulatory and courthouse records in the oil and gas industry. He demonstrates finding overriding royalty interests in New Mexico using this platform. Evan explains that the tool can help identify ownership details, agreements, and regulatory information related to oil and gas operations.
He conducts sample searches, showing how to filter records by criteria like instrument types, specific names, and legal terms. Evan highlights the usefulness of FTS in quickly accessing information from a vast database of documents. He emphasizes that while it doesn’t replace title research, it enhances efficiency and time management for professionals in the industry.
Evan also briefly mentions the capability to map and export the data, including Excel, for further analysis or communication. The video aims to give viewers practical insights into leveraging Oseberg’s FTS to access valuable oil and gas operations data.