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Streamlining Geological Data Analysis: Oseberg’s Full Text Search in Action

In this video, Evan Anderson explores the Harkey Mills sandstone formation, which is believed to be producing on par with the Bone Spring and Wolf Camp formations. Evan admits to not knowing much about the Harkey Mills and demonstrates how he learns about it using Oseberg’s product, Full Text Search. He searches New Mexico‘s regulatory documents and courthouse records for “Harkey,” intentionally leaving the search vague. The results reveal documents related to the Harkey formation, including recent filings from July 14th. Evan then dives into one of these documents, a 415-page report, to extract information about the Harkey formation. He emphasizes the level of detail available in regulatory documents, which can provide valuable insights for mineral buyers. Evan highlights specific exhibits (E 11 and E 22) that provide structure maps showing the characteristics of the Harkey formation. He points out that this level of detail is often not readily available in public SEC filings or 10-K reports.