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turbocharge your NM/TX county record searches

Grant DeLozier, an experienced Artificial Intelligence Senior Product Manager & Platform Architect at Oseberg, addressed the prevalent challenges encountered by professionals in the domain of land records and lease documents. He raised thought-provoking questions, each shedding light on the common difficulties faced when sifting through the extensive archives of public records in Texas and New Mexico.

Are you faced with these challenges?

  1. Subscribing to multiple NM and TX county record image services to hunt for specific documents?
  2. Spending time at county courthouses or shelling out hundreds of dollars daily for document retrieval services?
  3. Paying exorbitant annual fees for high-quality NM and TX lease images bundled in costly memberships that lack flexibility?
  4. Struggling to locate what you need, limited by your internal land system and vendor’s platform?

Imagine if you could…

  • Harness the power of a “Google-like” search across hundreds of thousands of land records and lease documents spanning the entire state of Texas or the expansive Permian Basin.

With Oseberg’s Full Text Search for New Mexico and Texas data, you can!

Explore the possibilities:

  • Instant Keyword Search: Swiftly locate any keyword or phrase across 100,000 public lease and land records in the Permian Basin (NM/TX) and beyond, including your proprietary documents.
  • Search Refinement: Fine-tune your searches by geography, instrument type, date, and more, ensuring precise results.
  • Document Access: Access document images directly from Oseberg’s comprehensive database, eliminating the hassle of multiple subscriptions.
  • Custom Document Sets: Create and manage document sets tailored to your needs, crafted through various searches.
  • Structured Datasets: Discover how to extract identified documents to form custom-structured datasets, adding a new layer of flexibility to your data management.

Join us now to witness the Full Text Search in action. This transformative tool is poised to simplify your land record and lease document management, saving you time, money, and frustration. With Oseberg’s innovative solution, you can streamline your operations, access vital information, and make well-informed decisions in your field. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a game-changing solution in action!