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turbocharge your TX/NM county record searches

New: full text search!

Recorded: June 20, 2019

Presenter: Grant DeLozier, Artificial Intelligence Senior Product Manager & Platform Architect, oseberg

Do you…

  • Subscribe to various TX and NM county record image services to download and read through many documents to find the one you were looking for?
  • Spend fun time at the county courthouse, or pay hundreds of dollars a day for someone else to do it for you?
  • Spend a ton of money per year to access high-quality TX and NM lease images as part of an overall expensive “membership” in which you can’t just pay for what you need?
  • Only find what you’re looking for if the data happens to be in your internal land system and the attributes you want to search on, happen to be part of the vendor’s platform?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “Google” for what you’re looking for across 100,000’s of land record & lease document across the entire state of Texas? Or even just everywhere in the Permian Basin?

Well, now you can! Oseberg is excited to introduce our new Full Text Search feature for our Texas and New Mexico subscription data offerings!

Learn new capabilities, including:

  • Search for any keyword or phrase instantly across 100,000 public lease and land records across the Permian Basin (TX/NM) and more (including your proprietary documents!)
  • Refine your searches by geography, instrument type, date, and more
  • Instant access to all document images provided directly by Oseberg
  • Create & manage document sets built using different searches
  • Learn how your identified documents can be extracted to create custom-structured datasets

Watch now to see the full text search feature in action!