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a powerful oil and gas data & mapping tool

Atla is a mapping and visualization tool for oil and gas professionals that think differently. Oseberg uses machine learning, domain modeling, and natural language processing to extract information from unstructured documents in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Users can search for data using a "Google-like" interface and export, mine, aggregate, and analyze structured data. This tool is used by landmen, geologists, engineers, mineral buyers, and midstream and service companies to predict development timing, identify asset owners (WI, Non-OP, MI, RI, ORRI), spot open acreage, conduct asset and divestiture due diligence, and gain activity intelligence.

O&G Regulatory & County Records
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Wells Across Three States
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Attributes within 17 Dataset
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Cursory title, Run Sheets, Title, Ownership, Regulatory Compliance and Filings, Courthouse Records, Regulatory Notice Alerting


Exploration, Cursory Diligence (historical production, well data, regulatory data - e.g. historical vertical spacing units drilled horizontally today)

Mineral Buyers

Ownership, Regulatory Respondent Data, Courthouse Records, Regulatory Data informing operator development timelines and probabilities


Text-based Courthouse Records Search, Cursory Title, Run Sheets, Title, Ownership, Formation level HBP analyses including Spacing, Unitization etc.


Asset Evaluation, Production Optimization, Completion Design and Optimization

MIdstream Business Development

Non-op WI ownership information, Regulatory Hearing Analytics to predict development timelines and probabilities, Courthouse Records searches for Acreage Dedication Agreements, Right of Way, etc.

Areas of coverage

Map of the United States with New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas highlighted.

New Mexico Data

Oklahoma Data

Texas Data

join countless landmen, geologists, mineral buyers, brokers, analysts, and engineers who use atla to:

Discover and map

Discover and map leases, spacings, poolings, field rules, and drilling activity in a few clicks.


Quickly identify held by production (HBP) acreage in minutes.


Uncover AFE costs, EUR estimates, bonus amounts, and other hard-to-find information.

Monitor daily activity

in New Mexico OCD, Oklahoma OCC, and Texas RRC.

link documents

Directly link to OCC and RRC source documents.

Export data

Export all pertinent data to your favorite BI and GIS tools to combine with your own proprietary and other information.

how it works



Oseberg incorporates OCR and AI/ML techniques to efficiently process unstructured industry data so that every keyword, phrase, and data element in the courthouse, regulatory, well, and production data is easily structured and searchable. If you think about it, you can search it.



Atla is powered by MapBox, and all our data is mapped to the most detailed level provided by each document on a geospatial map. Oseberg’s data can be seamlessly exported into SHP or KML (e.g., Geographix, Petra) or piped directly into your ESRI environment through our Map Services product.



Oseberg’s DataStream provides a REST API to our customers to pipe our data into business intelligence tools. Users can also export the data into XLS for analysis.