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sync directly with our industry-leading O&G data

dataStream allows you to connect your own systems to our fire hydrant of data. With dataStream you can sync directly with oseberg's data, updated daily, using a RESTful API or download a flat file. From there, you can integrate our data with any of your internal systems seamlessly.

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dataStream, direct access to Oseberg data

With dataStream, you bring our data into your own system without limit. The more data you have to work with, the better your models can be. Supercharge your statistical analysis with bulk data downloads and daily updates from Oseberg dataStream.

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use oseberg datastream to:

automate information flow

Automate the flow of information to your system to ensure you always have our most up-to-date data, including leases, completions, increased densities, pluggings, spacings, poolings, and more.

access data

Unleash your data analytics teams and gain unfettered access to our unique datasets with first-to-market innovations in element extraction.

bridge your data

Bridge our data to your interface on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

integrate data

Integrate our data with tools such as ArcGIS, Spotfire, FME, Informatica, and more.

pair insight with your data

Pair our insight with your proprietary data to create a master store for your entire company.

how it works



Replicate the same databases we have behind the scenes, and visualize the data in your own environment with BI tools such as ArcGIS, Informatica, Spotfire, FME, etc.



Use our versatile RESTful API to update on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or leverage the capacity of dataStream Bulk to load an entire historic dataset.



Blend Oseberg’s industry leading data with your proprietary lease, production, and drilling information.