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origins in exploration.

America was founded on the backs of innovators whose names are now synonymous with innovation. They created these monolithic industries we know today: oil and gas, steel, lumber, utility, and mining.

Evan and Erik, oseberg’s 100% Norwegian co-founders found inspiration in a preserved Viking longship called the “Oseberg”. Built for trade, exploration and warfare, the ship’s symmetrical bow and stern allowed the vessel to reverse direction quickly without turning around — a useful trait for navigating icebergs, volleys of arrows, and narrow passes.

In today’s entrepreneurship language, we call this pivoting.

warrior's spirit and servant's heart.

A company is defined by its people, and its people are shaped by its culture. Our Scandinavian culture brings with it tenets of “jante law,” or egalitarianism. Our values and mission are constantly communicated and expected to be priorities for everyone aboard oseberg, and it shows in our tenacious pursuit of insight and customer success.

We connect – with our customers, clients and employees. Join us for the journey.

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