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Envisioning a more data-driven future.

Oseberg was founded with a visionary belief in the transformative power of data and technology, envisioning an automated, predictive, and prescriptive future where data becomes the new oil, intertwining science and art to revolutionize the oil and gas industry's workflows and decision-making processes.

We make data analysis easy.

Oseberg’s solutions are designed to help companies make sense of public data and use it to improve outcomes across the board. Our solutions allow companies to access, integrate, and analyze large, disparate data sets from multiple sources, allowing them to gain actionable insights from the data. This helps companies to improve their performance, optimize their operations, and maximize their return on investment.

We respond to questions and inquiries quickly.

Oseberg Client Success Managers (CSMs) take a proactive approach to invest time and energy with every client. Our CSMs are domain experts and an unlimited resource for new user onboarding, continued training, education, and support. Our CSMs want to know and learn from you, understand your goals, and maximize the value you realize from your relationship with oseberg.

We’re a long-term business partner.

Information asymmetry is at the heart of competition. Data is the lifeblood. By using data to work smarter and more efficiently, businesses can gain insights into their operations and make better decisions. Oseberg's solutions provide the tools to help businesses organize and structure their data to gain valuable insights. With Oseberg, businesses can analyze trends and patterns to get a better understanding of how their operations are performing. By using data to stay ahead of the competition, organizations can create better results and stay competitive in their market. Oseberg's solutions provide the tools to help businesses capture and use data to make their organizations more efficient, productive, and profitable.

origins in exploration.

America was founded on the backs of innovators whose names are now synonymous with innovation. They created the monolithic industries we know today: oil and gas, steel, lumber, utility, and mining.

Oseberg’s Norwegian founders found inspiration in a preserved Viking longship called the “Oseberg”. Built for trade, exploration, and warfare, the ship’s symmetrical bow and stern allowed the vessel to reverse direction quickly without turning around — a useful trait for navigating icebergs, volleys of arrows, and narrow passes.

In today’s entrepreneurship language, we call this pivoting.

A company is defined by its people and shaped by its culture. Our Scandinavian culture brings tenets of “jante law,” or egalitarianism. Our values and mission are constantly communicated and expected to be priorities for everyone aboard oseberg, and it shows in our tenacious pursuit of insight and customer success.

At Oseberg, there are certain non-negotiables — things we ask for from every employee who walks through our doors: curiosity, humility, and a hunger for knowledge, information, and self-improvement. If these attributes don’t describe you, Oseberg probably isn’t your place.


We connect millions of public records published by local, county, state, and federal agencies into one intuitive yet powerful interface to augment the industry experience.


At Oseberg, we believe in thinking differently. We approach problems in new ways to build impactful data, products, and services that augment our users’ experience so that they can do the unimaginable. Oseberg is changing how our customers apply their experience to bring energy to the world.


The explorer’s spirit is at the heart of everything we do, from the data we collect to the ethos that drives us to push beyond good enough and into great. We know the data is out there. We hunt it down, aggregate it, extract it, and visualize it in a way that allows you to work faster and smarter than anyone else.

The Experts

Meet a team of unconventional thinkers, lifetime learners, and spirited warriors

Powered by the unwavering desire to succeed, the way it's always been done is not how we do things.

Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson

Co-founder / CEO

Chris Allen

VP, Sales

Steve Sypher

Steve Sypher

VP, Engineering & Operations

Nikki Schack

Director of Marketing

Greg Watson

Greg Watson

Board Member

Jim Newell

Jim Newell

Board Member

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