innovation. exploration. vision.

our vision.

We connect millions of public records published by local, county, state, and federal agencies into one intuitive yet powerful interface to augment industry experience.

our mission.

At Oseberg, we believe in thinking differently. We approach problems in new ways to build impactful data, products, and services that augment our users’ experience so that they can do the unimaginable. Oseberg is changing the way our customers apply their experience to bring energy to the world.

our ethos

The explorer’s spirit is at the heart of everything we do, from the data we collect to the ethos that drives us to push beyond good enough and into great. We know the data is out there. We hunt it down, aggregate it, extract it, and visualize it in a way that allows you to work faster and smarter than anyone else.

The energy industry is ready for a revolution that challenges the establishment and moves American energy into a more data-driven future. At Oseberg, we will


the uprising.

culture of independent thinking

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