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Press Release: Energy Data Company Oseberg Releases ‘Game-Changing’ Lease Data Set in Texas

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 6, 2017) – Oseberg, the most innovative data intelligence company in the oil and gas industry, announced the release of a lease data set of unprecedented richness across several counties in Texas.

This is the richest and most detailed data set ever released to the oil and gas industry,” said CEO and co-founder, Evan Anderson. “Our county data lease set in Texas will provide, along with our accompanying completion and production datasets, the most accurate and complete picture of activity in Texas, and we are confident that is is going to be a game-changer in the industry. Finding open acreage using our products is now even easier.”

Oseberg’s value proposition lies not only in its highly user-friendly, searchable and mappable databases, but also in the depth of attributes collected from filings. Using a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, domain expertise, and hard work, Oseberg has built tools to extract detailed information from multitudes of complex documents, revealing an unprecedented number of structured data attributes to users.

On top of providing meticulously mapped lease data, Oseberg prides itself on updating its datasets – lease and otherwise – as fast as humanly possible. Additionally, Oseberg’s lease data set also includes two very critical data attributes – Pugh and Extension clauses – which no other data provider can currently offer and which are essential data points in helping oil and gas professionals determine whether there is acreage available for development or acquisition.

“We are just getting started in Texas,” continued Evan. “Our plan is to have expanded our Texas lease data set to include the bulk of oil and gas activity in the Permian Basin, Haynseville and Eagleford by late summer.” For a limited time all of Oseberg’s clients, including Oklahoma-only clients, can access the new Texas lease dataset. Oseberg will be enhancing all of its lease data in a similar fashion across Texas in 2017.

Oseberg went to market with its first data sets and application for Oklahoma oil and gas in early 2011 and has experienced triple-digit sales growth since, expanding its presence in Texas and Oklahoma. Oseberg recently received $10MM in investor funding.

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