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all about flawless Text Sleuthing.


Yes! You have the option to arrange the results either in ascending or descending order based on “Created At” or “Recorded Date.”

Not yet! We are working on an Excel format export of the results.

Use Atla! (maybe eventually we will merge functionality)

To amp up your search, try two methods: use the “Advanced” search filters or link phrases with the ‘+’ symbol. For instance, connect “Tumbleweed Royalty” and “Mineral Deed” using ‘+’ for precise results.

Tags are user-group accessible labels that you can attach and remove to documents returned in you search result set. The intent is for this to be a way to “package” the results of multiple different queries into one result set.

Queues are a dStill abstraction for managing work tasks and have no value for FTS users.

Yes! Client accounts can be configured so that they can upload their own documents and also bring tabular metadata with those documents.

landman workflows

  1. Search “Overriding Royalty Interest” in counties: Lea, Eddy, Roosevelt, Chaves, Loving, Ward [Mineral Buying Lead Sourcing].
  2. Search “Overriding Royalty Interest” in Eddy County [Mineral Buying Lead Sourcing].
  3. Open the 3rd document revealing a BLM assignment naming Leslie Riggs Mills Trust [Mineral Buying Lead Sourcing].
  4. Search “Leslie Riggs Mills Trust” across all counties to identify owned assets [Mineral Buyer Operation Efficiency].
  5. On the 2nd page of the results, find a quitclaim deed document naming the trust and additional assets [Mineral Buyer Operation Efficiency, Limited Title Investigation].
  6. On the 3rd page of results, discover an oil and gas lease referencing the trust and another quitclaim deed [Mineral Buyer Operation Efficiency, Limited Title Investigation].
  7. Open the 2nd-page results for the quitclaim deed document and examine the exhibit, noting the vagueness of interests transferred as “NM 045275”.
  8. Search Royalty Deduction Language “Lessee shall pay lessor, as damages.” 

Mineral Buyer workflows

  1. Search “Overriding Royalty Interest” while narrowing county to “Lea, Eddy, Roosevelt, Chaves, Loving, Ward”
  1. Search party name “Tumbleweed Royalty” against all counties. How big of a player are they and where do they own? 

    • Who is company <x> working for? See who they are assigning interests out to
  1. I’m reaching out to party <x> to try and buy some small override. Does that person own anything else that I’m interested in?

    • Search the name against instruments of all counties

midstream workflows

  1. “Under Instrument Type. Search “Acreage Dedication”
  1. Under Instrument Type. Search “Easement or Right of Way”