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sync directly with our industry-leading O&G data.

dataStream allows you to connect your own BI systems to our fire hydrant of data. With dataStream you can sync directly with oseberg's data, updated daily, using a RESTful API or download a flat file. From there, you can integrate our data with any of your internal systems seamlessly.

Use dataStream to:

  • Automate the flow of information to your system to ensure you always have our most up-to-date data, including leases, completions, increased densities, pluggings, spacings, poolings, and more.

  • Gain completely unfettered access to our rich datasets.

  • Bridge our data to your interface on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Integrate our data with BI tools such as ArcGIS, Spotfire, FME, Informatica and more.

  • Pair our insight with your own proprietary data, creating a master store for your entire company.

Use dataStream to