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no more Shapefile transfers.

Whether you are an everyday map user or GIS professional, it's now possible to integrate oseberg's leading land, lease, regulatory & drilling datasets directly into your preferred mapping environments, including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap or any other ESRI-compliant application. This direct connection to our ArcGIS server eliminates all those cumbersome file transfers and scripts. Our data on your map will be as current as the data on our servers. That means no out of synch issues! oseberg data: where you want it, when you want it, how you want it.

use oseberg map services to:

  • Integrate oseberg's leading industry data directly into your preferred mapping environments such as ArcGIS, GeoGraphix, etc. 
  • Look at oseberg data at any scale, from a single Section to an entire state or region.
  • Combine our current spatial data with your own internal data sources, allowing you to visualize complex datasets in one spatial environment.
  • Eliminate manual file transfers or scripts that need to be monitored. No more time wasted between switching from one application to the next.  
  • Lower the likelihood of using out of date data that results from odious internal file handling processes! 
use oseberg map services

map services includes oseberg's most popular attributes from our Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico datasets:

New Mexico Oklahoma Texas
  • NM Lease 
  • OK Commingles 
  • OK Completions (inc. bottom hole locations and "sticks")
  • OK Increased Density
  • OK Intents (well permits)
  • OK Leases
  • OK Location Exceptions (effective indicators of planned Horizontal wells) 
  • OK Poolings 
  • OK Spacing 
  • OK Transfers (good indicators of "off the radar" asset transactions) 
  • TX Completions
  • TX Injection 
  • TX Intents 
  • TX Leases 
  • TX Transfers
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