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frac open your well analysis.

oseFrac is oseberg's hydraulic fracturing data solution that transforms industry frac data into a powerful database that elegantly tells the story of every frac. We merge national and state level chemical, completion, and production data to present you with the most complete view of hydraulic fracturing activity available. 

Quickly search, map, and pivot data based on any attribute from the most obvious (operator, supplier, completed formation) to the most subtle (chemical loadings, fluid type classifications, predicted pumper). Uncover what the top operators are using in their wells, who's supplying whom, and what frac recipes are the most effective in any given basin.

Use oseFrac to:

  • Discover high-level trends and outliers across frac jobs from all over the United States.
  • Leverage data from multiple sources (FracFocus.org, state agencies, etc.) in one easy-to-use, searchable and mappable interface or access the data directly via an API.
  • Save time by working with data that has been cleaned and normalized for you. For example:
    • 65,000 distinct operator names have been standardized to ~1,300 operator names.
    • 1MM+ supplier names have been standardized to ~2,250 supplier names.
    • 2,137,000+ ingredient names have been standardized to ​​​​​​~4,070 ingredient names.
  • Answers questions like who is supplying what chemical to which operator in which region and how has this changed over time.
Use oseFrac to