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oil & gas data search and activity alerting on demand.

Insightful, powerful, and affordable, Sól is a lightweight, web-based search and alerting tool that combines machine learning with a peerless user experience to give you lightning-fast access to massive amounts of energy data that isn’t just valuable—it’s crucial. This revolutionary tool puts the power of deep-document research into the hands of any operator, mineral buyer, or supplier, big or small.

sól by the numbers.

  • 7,000,000+ O&G regulatory & county records.
  • 650+ attributes within 17 datasets.
  • 24 hours from availability within state agency to appearing in product.
  • 225,000 documents processed in Oklahoma each month.

join countless landmen, geologists, mineral buyers, brokers, analysts, and engineers who use sól to:

  • Easily monitor and generate alerts on regulatory filings and leases across Oklahoma and Texas.

  • Search your area of interest—no matter how big or small—and get results in seconds.

  • Set up any number of alerts from any search and receive a daily email tailored to your interests.

  • Perform large queries and then mine, aggregate, and export data, helping you to stay on top of industry trends and ahead of the competition.