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keep an eye on your competitors. monitor leasing, drilling, completion, and production. 

In this industry, the company with the best field vision wins. With oseberg, you can plan your future by keeping an eye on what’s happening in your backyard and beyond. By liberating millions of unstructured documents previously buried deep in state agencies and county courthouses, oseberg uncovers extremely valuable information to provide you data and insights that allow you to identify important trends and track current activity, from both a macro overview to highly detailed and specific drilling and completion activities.


your problem:

It's difficult to track activity across large areas with so much action going on all the time. No one makes it easy to see where or how leases are being taken, which and when wells are going to be drilled, or how and when they are going to be completed. Details may only start to come together after a permit is filed, which is far too late for action. There are earlier signs, but you have to know where to look and what to look for.

your problem
our solution


our solution:

oseberg puts these signs front and center, making it clear where your competitors’ next moves are and where your next moves should be. In Oklahoma, for example, oseberg takes spacing, pooling, and other regulatory data to the next level, giving you the edge on forecasting area activity. We make it easy to track and visualize historical, current, and impending activity everywhere we go, whether it's from the courthouse or from the drill bit. You can even set up alerts so you can be notified whenever new activity is occurring in an area you are watching. We also offer RECON, a daily insight brief that highlights new anomalous activity across all of Oklahoma for you, so you never miss the next big thing. Algorithms continuously hunt for unusual public filings while links to oseberg data samples offer a glimpse of what's up. An oseberg subscription gives you full firepower to explore RECON intel!

discover the next big thing before they do.