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ditch the dirty frac data.

Analyzing hydraulic fracturing data comes with headaches, unsearchable interfaces, or — more commonly — no interfaces at all. We decided to change all that.


your problem:

Frac data is generally terrible – so bad, in fact, that you don’t want to get near it. Inconsistent, nonstandard, incorrect – in a word, unusable. Hydrochloric acid, for example, is represented in at least 265 different ways in FracFocus.org. Searching for complete and reliable chemical data is a shell game. Data is hidden in loopholes and obfuscated by ambiguous ingredient reports and nonsensical volumes. The foundation of any good analysis is a clean dataset and, until now, that’s been impossible to find. 

your problem


our solution:

oseFrac is oseberg’s hydraulic fracturing data solution that transforms dirty frac data into a standardized and normalized database that elegantly tells the story of every frac. We put both high level overviews and specific details at your fingertips making the analysis of multiple frac jobs and chemical supplier data easy. Data can be exported, mined, aggregated, and analyzed.