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analyze current spacing, pooling, and other regulatory data in hours, not weeks.

Spacing, pooling, and field rules are never cut and dried. Dozens—sometimes hundreds—of documents can influence permitted developments in an area, making it a colossal task to organize, digest, and finally determine what and where certain rules apply. oseberg makes it a breeze by providing searchable, structured, and mappable data for all relevant documents. We also extract and index valuable details you may not know about, like AFE costs, wellbore configuration, unit size, protested applications, linked exhibits, multi-unit spacing allocations, EUR details, formations, and vacated formations. Gain insight into your competitors’ plans by tracking even the smallest changes in spacings, poolings, and field rules, giving you 6 and sometimes 12 months of lead time over traditional indicators of drilling activity, like permits.



your problem:

Knowing the spacing or field rules in a given area takes manually sifting through the dozens of documents filed for an area over the years. Aggregating and analyzing this information manually is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Visualizing changes over time is nearly impossible. 

your problem
our solution


our solution:

oseberg allows users to easily determine spacing, pooling, or field rules in a fraction of the time by looking at the filings associated with any particular area or geologic formation. We make it easy to see changes over time on a map, and link to other critical supporting information associated with those filings.

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