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Typically, the only way to secure the best acreage in a hot play is by investing a lot of time, money, and manpower—and many times you'll still miss out on the best acreage. We’ve changed all of that. oseberg enables E&P companies to find open acreage or distressed leases in less time by providing all the vital information you need combined in one place. We give you exactly what you need to make a precise, game-changing move, from richly detailed lease data, provisions, and conditions to regulatory, drilling, and production data—and all geospatially referenced to boot. While you may have been satisfied with just index records and a cumbersome keyword search—we put it all out there to give you access to the data buried in each document.


your problem:

Data required to find open acreage is strewn across, and sometimes hidden, within several sources, requiring lots of time and effort reading documents just to glean information that may or may not lead to a prospective area. Another challenge is that other commercial lease datasets are often less complete than you need them to be, requiring you to augment and obtain additional sources of information which you then need to integrate with your existing data.

your problem
our solution


our solution:

We've already compiled all the relevant data you need to quickly filter down to specific leases or tracts of land you want to target. Whether it's lease terms or production volumes, we have it in one place. We help you find the needle in the haystack by burning down the haystack.

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